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New Distributed Products

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06/30/2016 - Coastal Bronze is excited to announce Hardware International, a line of Solid Bronze Cabinet Hardware. You can view the new Bronze Cabinet Hardware by clicking here: www.HardwareInternational.com

2 Display Boards are available to view here: Display Boards. Catalogs and Brochures are being mailed now. If you would like to carry this line or would like more information please call us at 1-877-227-6603.

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07/30/2015 - Coastal Bronze is excited to announce that we are launching a new line of Solid Brass Shutter Hardware You can view the new Shutter Hardware by clicking here: www.SeasideShutterHardware.com

We will be sending out Catalogs and Brochures within the next few weeks. If you would like to carry this line or would like more information please call us at 1-877-227-6603.

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10/06/2014 - Coastal Bronze is excited to announce that we are working with HRV Industries to distribute their new line of floor vents & registers. You can view the new vent products by clicking here: www.HRVents.com or by clicking the image below.

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Coastal Bronze Hardware Updates

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3/19/2014 - Coastal Bronze has been working hard to continue producing the quality bronze hardware that you come to know and love. On that note we are proud to offer and announce great new additions to our line of products. These new editions include brand new Front Door Hardware, Cabin Hooks, Case Latches, and many other hardware products that supplement our already compelling product portfolio.

Along with our new products we are also happy to announce that our updated pricing will take effect on April 1st, 2014. Make sure to check out our newsletter for special discounts and pricing. This new price list is included with every Coastal Bronze catalog and will help to keep you informed about current and future price changes and new product pricing.

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      Gate Hardware Pictures

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Traditional Bronze Hardware for Gates, Doors, Shutter, Barns,
Window, and Carriage Doors.

We specialize in gate hardware for wood or metal gates, door hardware along with barn hardware and a complete line of strap hinges that will accent any gate or door. And just added to the collection you will find a complete line of window and shutter hardware.

With a focus on gate hardware, we fill a gap in the hardware industry for a restoration product that is rust resistant in extreme outdoor conditions. We offer a living finish that ages naturally and will produce a greenish patina in extreme conditions.

Coastal Bronze is a Manufacturer of Quality Bronze Gate, Door, And Shutter Hardware.

Coastal Bronze was created to provide a reliable and cost effective source for solid bronze hardware for restorations in rustic old world designs for coastal areas and rustic settings. Coastal Bronze products fill a gap that has existed for years in restoration hardware lines for these types of products.

As a Manufacturer of bronze hardware we have chosen old traditional designs that have been around for hundreds of years.

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Don't let this be you

Always use a gate stop.


Custom Design & Fabrication

Coastal Bronze is excited to discuss wonderful custom fabrication and design for your next custom project.

If you are looking at your next project and you think custom fabrication and design is for you, don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your project and what Coastal Bronze can do to help.

Give us a call anytime: 877-227-6603

As with our normal bronze hardware products, while we normally work with old traditional designs, your imagination is the limit for any custom designs.

  Gate Hardware Showrooms

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What is Bronze?
Bronze is an alloy that contains mostly copper, tin and some lead . It’s introduction over 5,000 years ago revolutionized metal work and launched the Bronze Age. By adding tin to copper, workers created a metal that was stronger and impervious to corrosion. Bronze artifacts have been found dating from as early as 3,500 BC.

How is Bronze gate hardware different from Brass gate hardware?
Brass is also an alloy of copper, but differs from bronze in that its primary additive is zinc instead of tin. Brass is similar to bronze in hardness but suffers from the process of ‘dezincification’. This process that begins upon exposure to heat and humidity is the leaching of zinc from the metal. As the zinc migrates from the copper it leaves a porous structure susceptible to cracking and corrosion. As a result, brass hardware may eventually exhibit persistent red spots (zinc oxide) and become more brittle and crack as they age.

Brass is commonly used for door hardware because the melting temperature is lower than bronze making it easier to cast in an automated production. The high melting point of bronze necessitates casting in sand (a more difficult process) since the metal molds used in brass production would melt. A new sand mold is created for every individual casted part for Coastal Bronze.

Understanding Why Corrosion Happens
Corrosion of door hardware and gate hardware occurs through several mechanisms that are electrochemical in nature. In other words, chemicals react with the metals to produce an electric current. This current changes the structure and composition of the metal and results in pitting, flaking, chipping and cracking.

The following chart illustrates how various metals found in door and gate hardware compare in their resistance to corrosion:

Least Subject to Corrosion
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Wrought Iron
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum

Most Subject to Corrosion

It should also be noted that while stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than bronze, it may be more susceptible at its edges, creases and at points where it contacts other metals.

In an attempt to prevent corrosion, manufacturers use various coatings (e.g. powder-coat, paint and sealers) on the more susceptible metals. These coatings invariably fail to prevent corrosion since even microscopic gaps or inconsistencies in the coatings expose metal. This provides points of corrosion that can rapidly grow. The result is that the coatings are undermined, separating them from the surface leading to cracking and chipping.

Is Bronze gate hardware more Beautiful?
Moving from the scientific to the aesthetic, we can assess the superiority of bronze as a feature in the landscape. Bronze has a long history of use as the preferred material for outdoor gate hardware, partly because of its durability but mainly because it weathers so beautifully.

Once installed outdoors, the metallic bronze gate hardware darkens to an old-penny brown then eventually to a greenish/blue patina. These colors compliment the browns and greens in nature and do not distract from the natural beauty of the landscape.